Monday, July 1, 2013


Nobody in my extended family will get to fuck Nick without going through me first. In the Kingdom of God, there are no lesbians. Per this 1986 DR HAVOCK'S 450SL re-write homage video preview at: ~ ~ This being the above desecrated black calf-leather and stainless-steel alter of sacrifice in the redhead operated Levite temple of g-d, circa 2013, at: ~ ~ In the Kingdom of God, nobody gets to fake it. ~ ~ Therefore, it is now time to get real about Nicole Kidman being born in Hawaii, and raised up somewhere else. And Barack Obama being born in Africa, and then being raised up somewhere else. ~ ~ What's the big deal anyway? ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ Saturday, I saw Seattle's A&M SMOKE SHOP on Brooklyn in a flash vision. The next day, 19 fire fighters were killed in a SMOKEY THE BEAR flash fire; due south of Senator John McLovin's winter retreat in Prescott. Then I saw SCREAM's Ms Prescott in that lost LOST JUNCTION feature film movie for the first time ever on Canada Day. Wherein the car mechanic retard named Shorty kills the asshole R.I.N.O. with a white flour pancake skillet; the same one featured in Keira Knightley's sexy look alike EATING RAOUL prophecy, made in the Ronald McDonald 1980s. Note the hot mamma's Australian landmark name at: ~ ~ LOST HIGHWAY HOMAGE NOTES: In 2003's LOST JUNCTION, Arizona prophecy, Missy cuts her finger in the kitchen with a May 9 cutting time knife, like at: ~ ~ More and more, it's looking like the Snowden situation in Moscow is a Neve [snow] thing. Ergo, today's great Civil Rights Act snow job on conservative talk radio about there being no difference between caucasians and negros.

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