Tuesday, July 30, 2013


That Bible camp bus full of teenagers crashed ahead of the curve because their BLUE RHINO Florida parents were teaching them that the last days prophecies in EZE.38 have nothing to do with America; "...right." [Dr Evil] ~ ~ Since McHammer himself is also a Christian youth pastor, and all that bullshit. ~ ~ Remember, the giant penis stump in Florida is about that ugly stump blasting powder that Leo finds in WHAT ABOUT BOB? That we see in a display case next to that stuffed dead 666 beast trophy in REV.13. ~ ~ Ergo, Bob was tied up on top of the two tree trunks of Judah and Ephraim in the movie, with those two pink backpack bombs of the two witnesses hanging around his neck. Which represented those two black body bags lying on the sidewalk when he exits his Jew York apartment. ~ ~ "It's so simple! Yet so brilliant!" [Bob] ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ SURPRISE NOTES: Again, that big surprise birth certificate birthday party for Leo in WHAT ABOUT BOB? was about the huge upcoming born-again surprise party that Jesus has planned for Israel. ~ ~ STUMP NOTES: The swampy cut-off penis stump landmark in Florida is located right next to that Taylor [Swift] landmark in Baker County. Hence, all of her massively successful songs about cutting off the dicks of her ex-lovers. ~ ~ BLUE RHINO OMENS: Those House of Israel explosions in Lake County, Florida were confirmation of the prophetic green lake house explosion in WHAT ABOUT BOB? Right there is Lisbon, for the Portugese speaking train wreck ahead of the curve in Spain. That happened during the born again Catholic Pope's surprise support of Sodom and Egypt, spoken in Portugese speaking Brazil. ~ ~ CIVIL WAR NOTES: The civil war in Egypt etc. is about the Leesburg, Florida civil war landmark in the new Egypt, USA; located next to where that surprise Republican R.I.N.O. explosion happened. ~ ~ When you pretend to be a red state politician, while acting like a blue state politician, you get that little African born again horn in DANIEL. Whose white Jewish mother once lived on the same African shaped island in Washington Lake where the Jewish neo con Michael Medved is now living.

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