Sunday, July 14, 2013


You gotta love-hate all those racist niggers out there who hate white liberal Jews. Because half of the time, half of the half ass Jews out there are acting like half niggers. ~ ~ Which is the cinematic inspiration behind Penny's dream in CONFESSIONS OF A DANGEROUS MIND, at about 15:30 on the DVD, where she came face to face with the day 1290 abomination of desolation in DANIEL 12, and MARK 13:14. ~ ~ Note the lost tribes of Switzerland's 'high shift' language confirmation in the art film's bathtub baptism cleansing scene; since Mr Lake Como, Italy knows Jack shit about that stuff. ~ ~ HOLY FUCK!! I just got an idea for a STEALING BEAUTY re-make rip-off filmed around George's Branch Davidian compound, located on that dark greenish waters lake up there. ~ ~ The black Irish Mr C/looney is nothing, if he is not a dating game fool for love. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ THE DATING GAME NOTES: I see Liz Tyler returning to Lake Como, Italy in her STEALING BEAUTY role, 18 years later. Where she hooks up with the 52 year-old Mr Clooney, who had lied to her in Seattle some months earlier about being only 47 years-old. [Think Ken Keisler.] ~ ~ However, this time she shows up unannounced, catching him off guard. Discovering that he is actually not the sophisticated high-end art broker, based in NYC and London; but instead he is a mysteriously filthy rich old-666-technology money heir who always likes to keep a few stray hippie-chick summer season college coed hitch-hiker tourists at his lake-side boat-house guest house. [Think 1290 Days Island, Tacoma; because back in 1984 he bought a lousy five percent share in MICROSOFT.] ~ ~ SODOM & EGYPT NOTES: The half Spanish Mr Z finally got the justice that he deserved during the running of the bulls in Spain; you mess with those two bulls in a net in 2NEPHI 8, you get the horns, at: ~ ~ AND ~ ~ [J.E. stands for "Jew' of course.] ~ ~ All those homos full of pride can march all they want. The uppity and ignorant niggers can riot all they want. But the gay ass GLEE tv show crowd, who always vote for illegal alien half Jew negros to be in the occupied Casablanca, are going to go down, kicking and screaming. Better get out of the way Mr Bush Jr. Most white people know a phony when they see one; unlike you and your polite society Christian crowd. Who regularly listen to the low information Glenn Beck radio show. ~ ~ MYSTIC PIZZA NOTES: Last night I dreamed, over and over, that Gisele Bundchen could not wait until her rather boring sports jock husband died. In order that she could hook up with me and Dakota Fanning et al at that thin pizza pizzeria in STEALING BEAUTY, metaphorically speaking. ~ ~ PS: Like in my own private West Hollywood pizzeria SHAMPOO salon prophecy, I don't really need to be fucking more than one young beautiful woman at a time in order to be happy; but it definitely would help to better the situation.

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