Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Lindsay Lohan will agree to be in my next picture, because A.) The cash money will be insane, and B.) She will be required to live with me in my trailer full of hot teen babes while on set. That way, I can drag her ass out whenever the DP is ready for the next take. ~ ~ Don't laugh too hard. Not knowing that the deal will be designed so that she gets paid in cash every single day, but only at the end of the day; Italian style. ~ ~ In other words, you don't show up on time, you lose 10k in unmarked bills. ~ ~ And if you start screaming and yelling about that, then my camera crew gets to come in and record you; which later will be edited into various scenes where my butt double is fucking your brains out on my 31' sailboat in my ROMANCING THE [Emma] STONE II look alike sequel. ~ ~ Don't even try to fuck with me, and my sidekick producer Michael Douglas, bitch. Because nobody will complain if Ms Stone has to replace you in the fuck film's 0014 close-ups. I'm way ahead of you, bitch. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ CO-STAR NOTES: Emma Stone probably reminds me of Justin Theroux's personal trombone player assistant in MULHOLLAND DRIVE because of the scene's limestone color themes. ~ ~ CASH MONEY NOTES: I figure that we can buy the movie rights to ROD STEELE 0014 for about $100k, give or take; or take it or leave it. ~ ~ SCREENPLAY NOTES: I'm like Woody Allen in this way. Never ask to see the screenplay before you get your up front cash fee for signing my contract deal. Believe me, "You're gonna like the way you look." with no clothes on, and just a hat and a pair of super duper R.E.I. hiking boots. [R.E.I. also sells beach sandals of course.] ~ ~ EVIL MASONIC TEMPLE MORMON NOTES: This new Dr.Evil Mini Me image is about Texas style mormon Christians, like Ken Kemp, or Glenn Beck, who believe that the Book of Mormon was written by the false prophet, and or Barack Obama's birth certificate is the genuine article, at:;_ylt=A2KJ2PYqUPBRDksAlozQtDMD%20%20target= ~ ~ See KK's prophetic short film entitled FEDORA; about him shaving his hair off and wearing an FDR era fedora hat in support of a friend who was undergoing cancer radiation A-bomb fallout therapy. ~ ~ Like I say, "I am way ahead of you bitch." ~ ~ INTERVIEW NOTES: Nicolas Cage finally decided to do ADAPTATION because he invited the Jewish Barbara Walters into his home, and then she stabbed him in the back. ~ ~ Kind of like Michael Medved et al ridiculing all the stupid white people out there who believe that there is something very wrong about having an illegal alien be the president of the USA. Not to mention the Mormon church giving the higher priesthood to the Negro sons of Ham.

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