Sunday, July 28, 2013


Hang in there Mr Weiner. Some of us out here in the boondocks still believe in everything that you stand for; no matter the constant ridicule from the liberal media, or the Mormon church. ~ ~ May I recommend my own private prophecy motivational movie called WHAT ABOUT BOB? Wherein yours truly walks past the 91 film's protagonist on the NYC sidewalk, sporting a map lines shirt and WORLD WIDE PANTS outfit. While we see Seattle's iconic Smith Tower landmark in the background that represents the movie's actual Smith Mountain Lake, Virginia shooting location. And we also see those two turn-right street signs of Judah and Ephraim juxapositioned to the sign that refers to the Crown Prince of England; prophesied of in 2BC91. ~ ~ Because the crazy dude looks a lot like you too, circa 1992. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ RUSSIAN MUD BATH THERAPY NOTES: Right when I was watching WHAT ABOUT BOB? Saturday morning, a REV.12 style Biblical deluge hit the Smith Mountain Lake region. Turning the nearby hippie music festival called FLOYDFEST into a gigantic mud bath event; Woodstalk, NY style. So their website informed everybody to park and ride on the airport jet plane shuttles from Dr Floyd's medicinal therapy healing complex for Dead Heads at: ~ ~ PS TONY: Seriously dude. You have the rare historic opportunity to make history with your remarkable run for the mayor of Chinatown, NY. Remember, the more crazy and hysterical the media gets, the more publicity you get. It's all yours for the taking, if you want it; and if you are still my kind of guy who likes to have a little fun making fun of the NYT and THE 3 tv show networks. ~ ~ JEWISH SAVIOR NOTES: Crazy Bob saves the iconic arrogant NYC Jew in WHAT ABOUT BOB? by throwing him down on that blood red map lines therapy couch and starts kneeing him hard in the devil's backbone; over and over. Until he finally coughs up that big chunk of REV.17 chicken breast that has been choking him to death. ~ ~ MONDAY MONDAY NOTES: The tall Jewish John Kerry from France has just announced that talks with the devil's false prophet, and the synagog of satan's Jews will begin on Monday. The same day that a storm is expected to hit Hawaii. Where they are still trying to hide the fact that the abomination of desolation in MARK13:14 is not a citizen of the USA. And so far they have been able to get away with it, thanks to Michael Medved, Glenn Beck, and Dr Savage, etc. etc.

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