Monday, July 22, 2013


The last days followers of the false prophet of Islam in REV.16 are now rioting in John Kerry's beloved Paris, during Woody Allen's latest indie film shoot, because they do not want Barack Obama et al to be required to take off their REV.17 female face masks. ~ ~ Here is what the future Branch Davidian King David one who is mighty and strong in D&C 85 and 2BC 91 will do. He will community-organize his own private right-wing neighboorhood watch death-squads that walk around hunting strange looking women who are trying to hide from him and his family. Putting a .45 bullet in the forehead of anybody who looks like that; no jury, no judge. ~ ~ In those days, the only evidence that will be required before executing the king's orders, will be a gangsta type hoodie veil coving the face of the dark skinned whores of Babylon. ~ ~ Get real people, after two thirds of the Jews in Israel suddenly get murdered, it will be a whole new ball game. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ THE 3 NOTES: See the number 3 in this image that was papped after my ADAPTATION postings started to roll out, at: ~ ~ DATING GAME NOTES: Here is that cute babe in CONFESSIONS OF A DANGEROUS MIND who plays the trom/bone, attending some Woody Allen jazz brass concert in Paris, at: ~ ~ [For the brass jazz band at that grand summer party in STEALING BEAUTY.] ~ ~ HALLOWEEN MASK NOTES: Not only will you be forced to take your mask off in the near future, but you will be required to keep it off, under penalty of death. [Mid-evil justice in Toscana was pretty harsh, as portrayed in the HANNIBAL movies.] ~ ~ ROGER AND ME NOTES: This new Ms Montana snap shows Roger Ebert's high neck atire that tried to cover up the fact that he was a secret member of the communist conspiracy to overthrow America, at: ~ ~ No wonder that there were so many right-wing Nazi marxists in the Chicago area during the peak of his career. ~ ~ BEAUTIFUL NOTES: Now that the third-way unionist world-view of Sally Field and George Clooney and Mel Gibson is finally coming to an end in Detroit, Michigan, it could finally be time to watch her directorial debut entitled BEAUTIFUL. Which takes place in the MISS ILLINOIS world view of her and Barack Obama et al, at: ~ ~ Remember, it was the 666 worker unions who put both Mussolini and Hitler in charge of the first modern 666 beast in REV.13; back in the Jewish oriented FDR 1930s. Who then murdered around 666,666,666 Jews; because in their heart-of-hearts they knew that the Jews were a bunch of red capitalist phonies.

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