Sunday, January 11, 2015


That staked off bare patch of grass in the opening of BLUE VELVET is the same dirt patch left by the Bonnie Lake crews who repaired that broken EZE.47:1 water line that was springing up through the street on 192nd. ~ ~ And then we see Jeffrey's stiff necked lost Israelite father who is so damaged from the neck up that he can not even speak a word outloud about the abomination of desolation's fake marriage certificate in MARK 13:14. ~ ~ Followed up by the indie film's staked off map lines in the fade-to-back shot where the room 221 second story detectives are looking for more body of Christ parts to today's new 666 puzzle. ~ ~ In other words, all of you Christian squares who have accepted Jesus, but have rejected the fullness of his Daddy in D&C 76 etc. are  now going to get it big time. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~
CHRISTIAN BIBLE STUDY NOTES: Those graceful sprinkIng waters of life motif in BLUE VELVET 1986 come from the one cited in ISAIAH 52:15 and 2BC 91, etc. etc.  ~ ~ The black beetles wearing protective NFL style armor represent the black dung beetle god idols of Egypt in the last days. ~ ~ See PRACTICAL MAGIC meets LAUREL CANYON meets MISS CONGENIALITY: 1&II. ~ ~ Seattle, Austin, and LA, being the ground zero trifecta of modern rock music; in that exact order. ~ ~ And London, England being a major contender to take back the crown. ~ ~ But only after the one born in King County, Washington gets to come home; with two of his favorite fly-fishing rods in hand.

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