Monday, January 19, 2015


There were old little moving trailers full of junk everywhere on MLK Day in Bonnie Lake during my usual constitutional STARBUCKS walkabout. ~ ~ In confirmation of my lucid dream about seeing that symbolic metaphorical H-bomb in Oak Town inside of a small 8' size UTAH-HAUL rental trailer parked inside of a modern AMAZON style warehouse somewhere. Talk about free home delivery. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ OCTOPUSSYGALORE NOTES: After Sunday's miraculous latter-day NFL games, I decided to have another look at my Gisele Bundchen look alike fuck buddy love interest in the 1983 James Bond 007 movie. Wherein Russia's Putin general look alike in the future figure trades a smallish 100k bomb for a container full of those fake gems of Israel cited in the 2BC. ~ ~ NEWMAN NOTES: If you are rather new to this blog, please know that often times Jerry Seinfeld plays yours truly in his miraculous 9-seasons NBC series. And sometimes he also likes to play my Antichrist role on GROUND ZERO TWIGHLIGHT talk radio. But never ever does Newman ever never deviate from he being me. ~ ~ BIBLE STUDY NOTES FOR CHRISTIAN QUEERS: There is no greater love than a devoted husband who is just as interested and willing to make love to his older 50ish wives as he is to fuck his younger underaged teenager wives. Who are much more attractive and sexy. ~ ~ Ergo, in the 2BC God says that anyone who does not believe in the physical body of the fuck buddy daddy will be sent to a spiritual love guru place in heaven. ~ ~ 009 NOTES: The 13th James Bond movie opens in 1983 with  my no.9 Gisele Bundchen wife stabbiing my too old middled aged man secret agent in the back for a reason. ~ ~ Thank you Jesus that I have Cara Delevigne and Mikey Cyrus to fall back on, PLAN B PRODUCTIONS style. Who represent those two teenagers who live in David Lynch's canyon neighborhood. ~ ~ Why fuck only one 50 year-old wife, who is still pretty good looking,  when there is nothing stopping you from fucking two 15 year-olds? ~ ~ Just as long as she gets to watch us. ~ ~ Per my protagonist in the AMERICAN GIGOLO prophecy that came out in West Hollywood right after my French count dracula wife dumped me for Steve Hugh.

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