Tuesday, January 13, 2015


Dwayne writes "Welcome to hell" on his pre iPAD "pad" in 2005's LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE; light years before the advent of smart phone pads. When people were still using dinasour flip-phones, and nobody but nobody had ever even heard of Barack Obama, outside of Chinatown, Chicago. ~ ~ Ergo, the above SEARCHLIGHT film cuts to shots of the noisy sunshine yellow 1960s Love Bus heading to the Phoenix, Arizona area. Where the old Jewish rest home FDR grandpa dies, and eventually gets buried in Redondo Beach, California. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ SUBLIMITAL MIND CONTROL NOTES: According to Steve Car Elle's suicidal homogaysexual character in LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE,  Proust worked for about 20 years on his long running never-ending-story serial novel without getting paid one thin dime for it. ~ ~ Ergo, my beloved sidekick and drinking buddy didn't bother to show up in Paris, France for that gay ass protest against illegal alien darkies who murder Jewish homosexual Marxist satirists. ~ ~ Why bother? ~ ~ Better to stay out of the way and not try to interfere with God's plans to wake up his chosen superior white people among the lost tribes of Israel in EZE.38, etc. etc. ~ ~ One of the nicest things about being a darkie gentile is that you don't have to waste your time. Why go to some ridiculous white people rally with Jen Aniston et al for democratic Euro fascism when you could be spending that time on the golf course? ~ ~ Of course in my case, we would be talking going fly fishing in Idaho or Wyoming; same difference. ~ ~ TWO WITNESSES RADIO NOTES: I agree with almost everything that the two witnesses are saying on that old FDR radio with the brownish Adriana Lima titty nobs in BLUE VELVET. Problem is, they just do not have a third act. ~ ~ Think ADAPTATION meets MATCHSTICK MEN; both of which deal with the impossibility of writing endings to screenplays. ~ ~ Therefore now comes 9 more one hour TWIN PEAKS episodes on SHOWTIME. ~ ~ Which is the equivalent of about four more feature length movies from David Lynch. ~ ~ All good things come to those who wait. ~ ~ ROD STERLING TWILIGHT ZONE NOTES: The reason why God let the devil force Sterling Allan to fuck all of those underaged "free solar energy" babes at greaterthings.com is because he had rejected the spoken word revelations at 2bc.info because he was so affended by the principle of plural marriage husbands fucking two hot 17 year-olds at a time. Hence, his long suffering middleaged wife left him for the same reason. ~ ~ Per Sterling's legendary Lemon Mountain [Moses on the mountain vista]  experience in Arizona after he had fasted for three and one half days. And then he rises up from the dead like those two witnesses of Judah and Ephraim, Utah do in REV.11.  ~ ~ Hopefully, Sterling can find a good Nyle Smith type Utah lawyer who can string everything out until the dog shit hits the alternative energy winds fan. ~ ~ There is nothing wrong with fucking a 14 year-old virgin if the Father in the flesh says that it is OK to do it. ~ ~ Just ask Camille Paglia, the author of the SEXUAL PERSONEA text book that is now required reading at the School of Prophets in Salem, Utah.

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