Wednesday, January 21, 2015


According to the simple minded Bible for childish apostate Bible Belt Christians, in the last days the little people will bring down the high and mighty; most of who are like Mitt Romney meets Glenn Beck; Dallas, Texas style. ~ ~ For example, the British villain in GET SMART gets thrown off a bridge in Long Beach, California for that British action film director mountain climber who committed suicide by jumping off of a bridge in Long Beach.  ~ ~ Just after the action packed scenario in GET SMART 2008 that involves a small plane carrying an H-bomb and towing a banner for some suicide hot line number. ~ ~ Per the spoken word revelations at that say that many of today's middle-of-the road Clyde Lewis type luke warm mormons are going to feel like killing themselves. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ NOVEL STEPHEN KING NOTES: Apparently Mr.King came out with some double feature [SEINFELD 8 bizarro episode]  two witnesses day 1260 science fiction novel about Phoenix, Arizona burning up at: ~ ~ MEETS: ~ ~ Note the enclosed number 59 time-stamp reference to Emma Watson. ~ ~ That refers to the two big ones that my wives always get if I get them a baby, by hook or crook. Payable in rounds or squares of course. Yeah I know, gold bullion in large lots is hard to come by these days, but I have connections.

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