Thursday, January 1, 2015


It's just amazing how almost every single little BLAZING SADDLES railroad cattle town throughout the Rocky Mountains west has a fairly decent Chinese restaunt. ~ ~ Yes, the sweet and sour whatever is often times a bit too much on the sweet side. But Jesus Christ already, how many steak and baked potato dinners can one eat in any given week? ~ ~ Yada yada some cowboy town just burned down below that DEWAR'S white label landmark called Whisky Mountain. ~ ~ In confirmation of the Coen brothers' [Blackie the horse] movie about Sheriff Joe's TRUE GRIT. ~ ~ Which everyone and his lap dog knows was the biggest news story of 2014. ~ ~ Of course, most lap dogs don't spend a lot of time reading the Internet. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ CHINATOWN 2014 NOTES: I watched the original 1974 CHINATOWN prophecy on NEW YEAR'S EVE, that came out in theaters on the very same day that I married Laurence, and then I fucked her seven times later that night. [Must have been that bucket of KFC take out.]  ~ ~ Wherein my fake wife of another man in the Roman Polanski film is confirmed by this no. 848-1/2 fake image of Angelina Jolie chewing on a Ben Afleck size dog bone at: ~ ~ Per the iconic movie's message about the green eyed mystery woman in REV.17 having a noticable black blind spot in her evil eyes. ~ ~ PS BRUCE AND MEL: Gonna have to pass on your offers right now. ~ ~ Yes, the money is right, and I appreciate that kind of respect very much. But there is still something about the scripts that bother me. ~ ~ Probably too much talky, and not enough sucky fucky, like at: ~ ~
 Perhaps you two might want to take another look at that Emma Roberts look alike in WOMEN ON THE VERGE OF A NERVOUS BREAKDOWN meets VICKY CRISTINA BARCELONA. ~ ~ That's more what I'm going for right now. ~ ~

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