Wednesday, December 31, 2014


"... fear not the reproach of men, neither be afraid of their [birther] revilings." [2 NEPHI 8] ~ ~
There have now been two loud booms in the past week that have shaken the foundations of peoples' homes in the Atomic City, Idaho area, as reported at: ~ ~ AND: 573e59da983c.html?mode=jqm ~ ~ In other words, today's Blackfoot, I/da/ho niggers are supposed to be attacking America's white policemen because their corrupt cop FBI type leaders are still protecting their Chinatown restaurant take-out mob boss Barack Obama. ~ ~ Who believe it or not, works for me, and not for you naive white suckers who voted for him/me. ~ ~ Many of whom are homosexuals and liberal Jewish feminist lesbians. ~ ~ You live by the nigger, you die by the nigger. ~ ~ Time to clean house. ~ ~ Fooled ya, didn't I. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ COCK SUCKER JEW NOTES: Last night I dreamed that Bruce Willis wanted to meet up with me at his ski chalet in Sun Valley, Idaho. Where the 18ish ski bunnies are hot to trot, and the old style 70s redwood hot tubs are even hotter. ~ ~ Forget about Robert Redford's Park City, Utah happening, circa 1986 meets 2015. ~ ~ Believe it or not, that little 5' ish prick who still has a place in NYC still believes in Mormon Utah style monogamy.

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