Monday, December 22, 2014


Mr. Zero's Portland, Oregon is the most famous bicycling city in America right now. In fulfilment of that bald Clyde Lewis phony who was introduced on SEINFELD at the end of the two witnesses' 1260 days in REV.11. [Think Peking, China meets Paris, France, and that's not a good thing.] ~ ~ When we see all of those [Bono U2] medicine wheel bikes from EZEKIEL in the background, per this physically transfigured shot of him with hair during that same general period, at: ~ ~ We know this much because the same 8th season episode ends with Elaine ready to vomit in the desecrated temple. Where the marrying priest had just gotten his wisdom teeth removed; so now he sounds as gay as Elton John's new wife. And that Jewish Jerry Lewis Super Jew prick who the show is named after makes Beth get her head shaved like Mini Me, just because she had a problem with negros and Jewish homos polutiing THE HOUSE OF THE LORD.  ~ ~ They don't call me the greatest private detective that the world has ever seen for nothing, like at: ~ ~ Which is your problem, not my problem. ~ ~
  GSR/TWN ~ ~ LONG TIME NO SEE NOTES: Last night I dreamed that Utah County's Donell Willy handed me a toy army tank X-Mass Christmas present at some box store werehouse checkout counter.  Immediately realizing that it was a very realistic looking Israeli tank toy made out of ginger bread,  I took a bite out of it that represented my 8th season SEINFELD series case that a dog had chewed off. ~ ~ WHATEVER WORKS NOTES: What ever happened with that symbolic $666,666,666 multibillion dollar atomic bomb partical car collision tunnel that was built underground in Switzerland? ~ ~ I'm now making another trendy Jewish scientist joke of course. ~ ~ Yada yada, only geeks have to explain their jokes. ~ ~ So what does that make you? Who never got the obvious simple minded joke in the first place.

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