Wednesday, December 17, 2014


The main reason why I want Mitt to run in 16 is because it says at that the Mormon church is going to be cleaned up in an instant of an eye. Just like you would swipe off a dirty plate under clean running water. Hence that PRIDE & JOY dish washing soup business card of the two witnesses in ISAIAH 11 and EZE.37 in THE KING OF COMEDY meets SHAMPOO meets ROSEMARY'S BABY. ~  ~ Of course, in order for any of this to happen, my main man Mitt is going to have to sort out his life just like my main man has to do in the SHAUN OF THE DEAD prophecy. Because all of you highly successful arrogant fucks are going to have to humble yourselves and start believing in the eternal principle of modern revelation. ~ ~ "Oh this is so uncomfortable..." to paraphrase Dr. Evil in AP:III. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ SEASON 8 NOTES: At the beginning of SEINFELD's wonderful 8th season, George's wealthy fiance's tombstone says that she died on Megan Fox's birthday in 1996. ~  ~ YADA YADA NOTES: I also saw the one where they let Kramer go because his TCB  news "reports" made no sense at all. On the very same day therefore that the NYT layed off over 100 of it's staff reporters. Who make as much money in one year as the liberal third way Jew who owns and runs the paper makes in one week. Think Jerry Seinfeld meets Larry David in some futuristic bizarro world; when an alien intruder from outerspace named Barack Obama would be the President of America. And the Republican Party and the Mormon church in Utah and Texas would be onboard all the way.

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