Sunday, December 7, 2014


My prophetic Phoenix, Arizona sheriff protagonist in TRUE GRIT gets to fuck that half asian underaged hottie in the end at the end, like the one at: ~ ~ Philippino chicks are famous for digging hot-monkey-sex with half white guys who know how to slap them in the face and in the ass with their balls; like in this J2 look alike video at: ~ ~ Think MATADOR meets LAST TANGO IN PARIS. ~ ~ GREG/GREG ~ ~ SOLID GOLD NOTES: Here is Sienna showing up again in LA wearing her snake skin jacket T top at:
http://www.justjared.common/photo-gallery/3256491/sienna-miller-mary-kate-olsen-veterans-05/ ~ ~ Per that semi that tipped over in Sienna's adopted home state of Pennsylvania last week and spilled out it's entire load of NYT magazine inserts that featured a negro Obama boy on the cover. ~ ~ PHOENIX NOTES: Apparently that blockbuster sequel about the phoenix that rises up from the ashes is a big hit, according to: ~ ~ No wonder both Steven Fresh and Teri Rutherford were so inspired to move down to the Tombstone, Boot Hill area at one certain  point in their lives. ~ MR CLEAN NOTES: Now is the time to get out and polish off all of your environmentally clean N-bombs. ~ ~ Clyde Lewis is more right on than even he knows. After everything is said and done, there will be only 500,000,000 people living on the earth after the Z Day apocalypse prophecy described in movies like SHAUN OF THE DEAD meets DAWN OF THE DEAD. ~ ~ HOPE FLOATS NOTES: The new 666 network tv Internet will no longer exist after WW III. So if you want to watch a movie you will actually have to go to your local movie theater to see it. For example, if you want a TIFFANY bracelet like the one that Jodie Foster buys for me in the 1980 FOXES prophecy; you will actually haft to get off of you fat ass and go down to your local masonic "brick and mortar" boutique in someplace like Laguna Beach, California. ~ ~ MONEY MATTER NOTES: Please do not wire my 500,000,000  to any American bank account at this point in time. As you well know by now, I prefer THE BANK OF CANADA; oddly enough.

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