Thursday, December 4, 2014


THE THREE STOOGES were a prophecy about the latter days, when the three main TV networks in America were still spouting the official line about Barack Obama's birth certificate forgery and confirmed use of a stolen SS number. ~ ~ Which finally wakes up white Christian tea party America; who had been mired down for decades in various ridiculous false doctrines and conspiracy theories about some non existent Antichrist who is not even mentioned in REVELATION, not to mention the 70 weeks scenario in DANIEL. ~ ~ Of course, there is no mention of the "Bible" in the 66 book collection that was published by the Catholic church in Rome in 395 AD; and republished later by those negro Canadian Jehova's Witnesses of the new world, etc. ~ ~ Hence, that poster of the twin cities' PRINCE  hanging on Miranda's wall in KING RALPH. ~ ~ When that sleazy high society Church of England homo comes around knocking on her door with a hand full of cash money. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ THE KING OF COMEDY NOTES: I picked up a used $2 buck DVD copy of Scorsese's THE KING OF COMEDY 82 prophecy at [.44 magnum] PISTOL ANNIE'S Thursday; since I had thrown out my old VHS copy some time ago. Plus it has some juicy looking behind-the-scenes extras on it about the making-of-the-movie. Which I thought might really impress Jodie Foster et al. ~ ~ WHORE OF BABYLON NOTES: I saw Jesse Jackson on the front page of the 666 SEATTLE TIMES saying, "When you stop kicking you drown." Then I walked right up to a black ACCORD parked in the U.S. Post Office lot that said "I fight like a girl." in pink decal letters written across her car's rear window. ~ ~ Now today, I see something at J2 about Jennifer Garner taking her two girls to 1970s style karate lessons, at:

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