Monday, December 15, 2014


Most of today's white Caucasian Ephraimites are much more pissed off, and frankly fascinated, by how conservative Jews like Michael Medved and Dick Cheney are sweeping the truth under the Persian rug when it comes to the one with the stolen SS number of the beast in REV.13. ~ ~ But it gets worse. Last I heard, Glenn Beck doesn't really give a shit if gays are allowed to get married in places like Texas and Utah. ~ ~ In other words, Barack Obama's forged birth certificate is the thangy that says it all right now. ~ ~  GSR\/TWN ~ ~ FASCINATING PENIS NOTES: The Killer blows a big pink CADDY car air bag bubble when we first see the blond southern bel with big tits who represents Megan Fox in 1989's GREAT BALLS OF FIRE prophecy; at around 11:58 minutes on my used DVD. ~ ~ TYPICAL HOLLYWOOD ASSHOLE NOTES: In this market, I could wave a couple of million in after-tax cash money under the big noses of those two Coen brothers and they would be video taping their sure bet sequel to THE BIG LEWDBOWSKI theme movie starting first of February, at the latest. Big money talks, boredom walks. ~ ~ FDRJFKMLKLBJ NOTES: Cat napping on my sofa bed yesterday after a big guacamole and corn chips dinner at 7:45 pm, the distinctive voice of David Lettermen said "I didn't see it coming." ~ ~ That's right Bruce Troxell and Kenny Kemp. Both of you losers are going to be making very professional, high quality documentary movies for THE DISCOVERY CHANNEL about the lost tribes of Israel, and you're gonna like it; all expenses paid of course. ~ ~ LONG TERM INVESTMENT NOTES: If I were you, I would snatch up every single Ken McLeod cutthroat trout artwork scetch painting that is on the market right now. Because now is the time to get out of the market while the getting is still good. ~ ~ Which reminds me, whoever now owns that herring on a Seattle newspaper oil that was gifted to my stepfather Leslie Winn, is now your typical Seattle style easy money multi millionaire. I just hope that he or she can hang onto it until I have the money enough to buy it. And not let it fall into the unworthy hands of some stranger for half the price that it is worth. ~ ~ That's right bitches, anybody who ever touched my life while I was growing up in North Seattle is now worth their weight in gold; in terms of book deals and movie rights. Which would also include all of my LDS missionary companions in Italy. ~ ~ Let the bullshit begin, just as long as I get a slice of the action . Think MI:III meets ROMA: II&III, if the money is right of course, don't be rediculious. ~ ~ Last night I dreamed that Ornella Fresh could not decide if she wanted to give me a sexy AP:II type neck massage, or strangle my neck from behind . Either way, she would give me a sexual orgasm choke job that felt so good that I would probably never forget her for the rest of my physically transfigured life. ~ ~ PS VINCE VAUGHN: Now I finally understand what you were trying to tell me in your breakout SWINGERS movie about me being money. ~ ~ Better late than never.

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