Sunday, December 14, 2014


I watched GOLDMEMBER for Taylor Swift's 25th 1989 birthday. The one about a very flexible older Dutch polygamist who has a solid gold penis that is the key that brings large gold nugget meteorites down to earth. Which would then destroy everything on this planet as we know it; unless you pay me and my sidekick one zillion dollars. ~ ~ Talk about PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE meets THE BROTHRR FROM ANOTHER PLANET.  ~ ~ Per that scene in the [long hard sub full of seamen] where an African globe trotter globe crashes down onto Dr.Evil's head, and he starts to scream, "I CAN'T BREATH!!" metaphorically speaking. ~ ~ Since at the end of the AUSTIN POWERS trilogy, we learn that his birth certificate has been a complete fake in the first two installments of his administration. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ SIDE DISH NOTES: The reason why the 12 Apostles leadership of God's only true church on the globe has been cut off, is because they are still lying from the pulpit about Barack Obama's birth certificate forgery. You lie, you die, that's all there is to it.
 ~ ~ Meanwhile, the new King of England will be the true protectorate of The Church of England, and not some gay ass Elton John type. ~ ~ BELIEVE IT OR NOT MUSEUM NOTES: Apparently the new NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM sequel has something to do with my backstabbing monkey bitch in KING RALPH. Since it was Robin Williams' last movie confirmation of Woody Allen's San Francisco movie about me fucking Ornella Fresh's fresh clam, and her sister's fresh clam too; costarring my Ken Keisler lookalike partner from 1995. ~ ~ Who is perhaps the only actor out there right now who can make me as crazy jealous as Jerry Lewis gets in THE KING OF COMEDY. Who I met around 1982-1983 at the 666 STARTRON satellite dish dealership over in Tacoma. When he had that exact same big brown hairy mold on his face that the physically transfigured Mel Gibson has in GOLDMEMBER. ~ ~ WW III NOTES: Elizabeth Warren is the obvious reason why women and negros will not be allowed to vote in the Kingdom of God. Because it only leads to war. ~ ~ Who wants that? ~ ~

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