Thursday, December 18, 2014


Karl Marx was  an arrogant self righteous know-it-all moronic Jew of course. Ergo, some 56 year-old Jewish lesbian rammed into a crowd of Christians in REV.13:1 Red/ondo Beach, California on the same day that the half Jew half negro born in Africa,  Barack Obama, normalized sexual relations with red Cuba. ~ ~ Too bad Michael Medved and Mark Levin et al are still too politically, culturally, religiously, and intellectually immature to give us the straight talk about Obama murdering Donald Young and so on. ~ ~ Per that 8th season SEINFELD episode where Jerry makes people who are a problem to the new and improved 666 beast disappear. And then we see Steven Carell sitting right behind him in the funeral finale. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ BACK STORY NOTES: See this report just for starters, at: ~ ~ That master of the 1970s revenge movie genre, Charles Bronson, also lived in Redondo Beach. The same place where Tarentino worked at a VHS tape rental shop in the late 80s. ~ ~ BROWN CUBAN CIGAR NOTES WITH A HINT OF CHOCOLATE HOMOGAYSEXUALITY: In the Cuban cigars SEINFELD episode, the boiling hot French blueberry crepes that are rolled by those three illegal alien Cuban darkies blow up in the face of all those high society Manhattanites. ~ ~ MINI ME NOTES: See why this guy looks like a much younger physically transfigured Dr. Eval at: ~ ~ RACIST NOTES: According to Spike Lee and Clyde Lewis et al, you can not be called a racist hater nigger if you have no political powers or influence when it comes to Eric Holder and Barack Obama. God damn it those two are good!! ~ ~ PROPHECY NOTES: The so-called "Cuban Missile Crisis" during the JFK Letterman era was a prophecy about the day 1290 abomination of desolation location in GREAT BALLS OF FIRE meets the 50s movie called HOW I LEARNED TO STOP WORRYING AND LOVE THE BOMB. ~ ~ PS SAVAGE: God warned me in no uncertain terms two nights ago that you and Ken Keisler have about six months left before you get your act in gear. Not to mention Woody Allen, Mel Brooks, and or Larry David. ~ ~ MADONNA NOTES: Reportedly, Madonna believes that yours truly is the leader of the secret masonic illuminati underground plot to rule the world. ~ ~ No wonder I support Mitt Romney to be the President of 2/3rds of America in 16.

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