Tuesday, December 16, 2014


Yesterday morning I saw a Larry David look alike at STARBUCKS. Who reminded me that there is still a pile of his used DVDs at PISTOL ANNIE'S for two bucks apiece. ~ ~ So I watched the one last night about Jerry making bootleg indie feature films on the down low in SONY video. Wherein at the end of his revenge movie entitled DEATH BLOW [job] the guy from Hawaii with a bootleg birth certificate "...had it coming..." ~ ~ In the interest of full disclosure, Larry was my age when he made that Woody Allen movie in 09 about him fucking a teenager from Mississippi. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ SHIT HAPPENS NOTES: Only a few hours after seeing AP: III, the one about the chocolate ass cream smeared all over Mini Me's face, that false prophet lunatic who hates white people attacked that LINDT chocolate cafe down under. Since I was sitting on the shitter on the very same morning when the name 'Nicole' suddenly popped out of my butt from nowhere. Of course, the situation ended with all of those brain dead white zombies walking out with their hands up. ~ ~ I-35 NOTES: There is a reason why the 35ish Elaine looked 29ish in the crazy ass 8th season of SEINFELD. See episodes 1&2 if you doubt me on this.

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