Friday, December 19, 2014


The reason why SEINFELD's 8th season was so inspired and so special is because it played out at the prophetic climax of the two witnesses' special 1260 days period in REV.11, 12, and 13; i.e. 1996 and 1997. ~ ~ Per that future African mask in Peterman's [safari hunter's catalogue] office that is about today's African born number 44 intruder in DC. ~ ~ Which is why Rupert Pumpkin spends 2 years and 9 months in some federal country club prison in Allenwood, Penn; located in the future on Rt.44. ~ ~ Based on the fact that both Barack Obama and Larry David are big time Martha's Vineyard type golfers. ~ ~ Think CADDY SHACK meets MEATBALLS. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ GOLDMEMBER NOTES: In the Steven Spielberg opening of AP: III, a bald Mini Me is smoking a Cuban cigar and firing a Russian issue machine gun.  Which was shot in Utah's "down-winder" radiation fallout region where Clyde Lewis was born. ~ ~ Austin Powers makes today's phony hands up gesture right after we see Eric Holder's fake FBI badge flash, and then the chocolate ass cream monkey falls out of his tree. ~ ~ BIBLE STUDY NOTES: The evil one NAHUM is today's usurper in the CASABLANCA prophecy. Who all of those polite old men in Mormon high society still think is the cat's meow. Ergo, all of those bland white people in GREAT BALLS OF FIRE get pushed aside by The Killer.

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