Tuesday, December 2, 2014


KING RALPH  comes to pass in the future when there would  be a great upheaval among the African natives in [Craig] Ferguson, Missouri.  Which leads to the formation of  several new states that  merge together for  their mutual protection from today's lawless jungle  love fascism. ~ ~ Per that black and white mulatto  mask in the background at 6:52 when we see today's half Jew backstabbing monkey bitch in Obama's 2020 Las Vegas. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ ETHNIC HUMOR NOTES: When Britain's PM informs King Ralph of the unrest in Africa, America at about 29:30, the overweight Elvis King figure from Las Vegas, America cracks a joke about the HARLEM GLOBE TROTTERS. ~ ~ 70 WEEKS NOTES: That 4.7 on Sunday at 10:57 pm struck directly underneath [Russell] Wilson Mountain, Arizona, due west of I-17's Mormon Lake, north of I-17's Dead Horse, yada yada. Because the SUPER BOWL takes place in Arizona. ~ ~ And Seattle's rather short mulatto quarterback is one of the most sneaky, on the down low, players that the NFL has ever seen. ~ ~ FOXY NOTES: The future FOXES movie time starts on the two witnesses radio at, "...just a few minutes past 7:00 in the morning..." for the July 3rd [7:03] date at the end of the special 1260 days of the two candle sticks of Judah and Ephraim. For example, the KING RALPH prophecy about the evergreen tree Branch of David opens with two distant future car honks and those two banks of filler lights. ~ ~ Or in other words, FOXES' opening scenario mentions THE THREE STOOGIES for the three woes that will wake up the sleeping five virgins at VIRGIN's head office in London.

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