Monday, December 8, 2014


That 18-wheeler full of NYT magazine inserts tipped over in Sienna's state of Pennsylvania because that is where THE BOYS FROM BRAZIL climax happens. Wherein we see the two witnesses of Judah and Ephraim laying down on the floor next to each other.  ~ ~ BLAME IT ON RIO, or, WILD ORCHID, or even the CAPTAIN RON prophecy; hey, whatever floats your boat. ~ ~ Given those two big [GREAT BALLS OF FIRE] fires of Judah and Ephraim just burned down all that 666 government housing for negro covergirl children in LA. ~ ~ Oh yeah, righteous racism is an eternal principle of God in the Bible. ~ ~ Sadly, almost nobody really believes in the Bible anymore, including the Clyde Lewis style mormons in Utah. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ FOOTIE FAN FOOTNOTES: I just heard that Seattle's SEAHAWKS' squirrely catch-me-if-you-can on the down low grayish mulatto quarterback will be playing down in Arizona this next Sunday. ~ ~ [What a mouthful that sentence was.] ~ ~ KING COMPLEX NOTES: Are the signs from God saying that I should see KING OF NEW YORK again, or KING OF CALIFORNIA again? Whatever, in Scorsese's A SHOT AT THE TOP, we learn that THE CLASH guys who recorded the inspired LONDON CALLING song just happened to be on the sidewalk in the background when he was shooting THE KING OF COMEDY.  ~ ~ NEWBIE NOTES: That typical liberal Jew Yorker fuck who is mocking me in the background when I tell Adriana Lima that Woody Allen and I are good friends is one of the former senior editors of THE NEW REPUBLIC magazine. Where he shows her his GSR/TWN signature that is still just a bit too confusing for her to figure out; but soon everybody is going to want to have one. ~ ~ 70 WEEKS NOTES: In the DAN.9 70 weeks chronology, events are measured in 7 day week segments. As opposed to the more precise double time-line 24 hours in-a-day chronology of the day 1260, 1290, 1335, scenarios of the two witnesses.

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