Sunday, December 21, 2014


We know that that is that big phony political independent look alike Clyde Lewis in SEINFELD when Kramer mentions something about "...water near the bridge." Since Portland, Oregon's nickname is 'Bridgetown'. And the bald Clyde figure thinks that everything happening today is some kind of an underground masonic conspiracy. Which is all true of course; Kramer being a 33rd degree Mason in real life, yada yada. ~ ~ Who believes that today's giant size NBA niggers have gotten too big for their britches; not that there is anything wrong with that. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ USED RERUN NOTES: The iconic "yada yada" SEINFELD episode features Emma Watson, and her spiritually stunted parents, who she still lives with to this day in the London area, at about 18:... minutes. ~ ~ Which ends with her marrying No.2's adopted Mini Me son, years before AP:II came out in theaters. ~ ~ See the episode's BRUNO [brown] restaurant scenes that directly correspond with her Brown University college pizzeria education that she got in Rhode Island. ~ ~ 111 NOTES: That latter-day Dr. Evil figure mentioned in NAHUM 1:11 represents all those wondrous earthquakes that have happened along Rt.111 in the Chocolate Mountains region of California. Which just happens to be the area where America's military practices their bombing and cannon fire skills. That looks like some desolate brown planet in some outerspace invasion movie made on the cheap in the 1950s. ~ ~ ADITIONAL SOURCES NOTES: Check out this link before you file your next numb nuts report at your local home town newspaper fish-wrapper at:

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