Wednesday, December 10, 2014


Obviously, your future has been determined by God from the very beginning. Because by the end of the 62 weeks scenario in DAN.9:26 we now know who the real enemy is. ~ ~ Take for example 1989's GREAT BALLS OF FIRE prophecy about me fucking underaged virgin teenagers. Which takes place along the day 1290 Mississippi River and co-stars the Jewish actress hottie who was born in 666' Winona, Minnesota on my very own October 29 birthday.  ~ ~ Talk about THE HOUSE OF THE RISING SUN down in New Orleans. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ BIBLE STUDY NOTES: Verse 9:27 in DANIEL is the inspiration behind THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW's scenario about how it will take seven days to make a man out of Woody Allen et all. Better late than never. ~ ~ Ergo Ms Montana is now fucking the son of America's proverbial neocon [Republican Party] Charles Atlas muscle man born in Austria. Since we see the White Horse Prophecy T-bone steak house in the above movie which is about the Republican Party eventually being replaced by the Southern Tea Party. ~ ~ FRESH NOTES: When my long lost fantasy date from 15 years ago asks for a fresh exotic Hawaiian O.J. cocktail in THE KING OF COMEDY, she is talking about Ornella Fresh and her sister Donatella Greco. ~ ~ Why have only one, when you can have two? ~ ~ What exactly is your problem anyway? ~ ~ CHINATOWN NOTES: Never forget, Jack Nicholson plays yours truly in the iconic CHINATOWN prophecy that was about today's historic drought in California. See what I mean at:  ~ ~ I'm thinking I star in the original remake with Chloe Moretz. ~ ~ Hey, he who pays the fiddler on the roof calls the tune. In other words, I get to fuck who I want, and you get to pay the bill. ~ ~ COMPLEX KING DAVID NOTES. I fully understand how hard all of this is for Princess Elizabeth Hurley to accept. Which is why I AM is counting on Elton John et al to help her out. Is that too much to ask? ~ ~ KING RALPH was probably just a big joke about Elton John's overweight piano player gigs in Las Vega, big deal; money talks, bullshit walks.

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