Monday, December 29, 2014


Basically, the word 'arrest' means to stop. So the first crude simple minded 666 beast thought they could actually arrest around 6,666,666 Europeanist Jews and that would stop
the craziness. Which is why today's neo con populists like Michael Savage and Michael Medved are still trying to stop the white people's  "birth certificate" white problem. ~ ~ No wonder the God of Abraham gave the leadership keys exclusively to the Ephraimite Caucasians. And the Jews get to be their flaky razzel dazzel SEINFELD style song-and-dance wing men.  ~ ~  GSR/TWN ~ ~ DIGGING UP GOLD NOTES: In the pothole episode of SEINFELD 8, Jerry can't stand to French kiss Kate Holme's mouth because he knows that Tom Cruise's mouth was there first, per: ~ ~ Even that strange little short 666 scientific SCIENTOLOGIST who believed that "...I can do this, I can do that..." ~ ~ Talk about the name 'Nicole' suddenly popping out of my butt and into my mind while I AM is sitting on the shitter. ~ ~ SIENA, ITALIA NOTES: Trent Walker hooks up with the blond Sienna Miller at the Hawaiian cocktail lounge in my own private 1996 SWINGERS prophecy. Per the prophetic indie film's 1996 theme song that goes, "...It's you and me, and the [DEWAR'S] bottle makes three..." ~ ~ RLDS MISSIONARY NOTES: I got my Christmas season orders from Roma to relocate from Siena to Terni on or around 12.28.72. Just days after I received a letter from Kit Winn that my stepfather had died on Capital Hill in Seattle. Years later, my real FDRish father would die on 3.12 in Federal Way. ~ ~ THREATENING NOTES: I do have a DVD copy of CAPE FEAR, directed by Martin Scorsese, costarring Robert De Niro. Don't make me use it.

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