Friday, December 12, 2014


Ken McLeod's tall Jewish father named George taught us half Jew boys back in the 19666s that when it comes to trawling for king salmon with a fresh herring, you need to be patient and let the fish swollow the bait first. Otherwise, you risk the hook prematurely slipping out of their big mouth. ~ ~ Not so much with the smaller silver salmon or pink salmon, who have smaller mouths. Wherein you can just jerk on your rod quickly and start reeling in at will when you feel the bite. ~ ~ Of course, this was back in the day when catching a 100 pounder was not that unheard of; rather rare yes, but not impossible. ~ ~  And John Wayne always kept his yatch tied up in the Port Angeles area, and sometimes in Port Townsend, or even Friday Harbor, depending. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ MOVIE MADNESS NOTES: My protagonist in THE KING OF COMEDY tells Jerry that he is dynamite. For when the time would come that the desparate 'Con Man' loser would have a talk show on TNT's sister network, TBS. Per that prophetic DUCATTI car poster in Jerry's offices that puts everything in context with the stand up comedian career of Jay Leno and Jerry Seinfeld, who are America's most famous collectors of classic cars. ~ ~ But it gets worse. That is non other than Joel Coen himself who is laughing at me in the above movie's fake audience wall mural. Who we can't see because his look alike face is hiding in the crowd directly behind me in the long dolly shot. Probably because Jerry always walks with the flow of the crowd in NYC for safety reasons; security in numbers and all that. ~ ~ Jerry and me discuss my "tape" in THE KING OF COMEDY, that I gave to Miss Long, as we see some of the classic old [THE MISFITS] movies that I have reviewed and updated in recent years on vintage 1983 era VHS tape. ~ ~ NEWBIE NOTES: The reason why I like to post really offensive XXX porno links on my GSR/TWN blog spot is because you' all don't really give a stinky shit about the whore of Babylon in REV.17 and NEPHI 1&2, etc. Kind of like today's elderly Republican Mormons couldn't give a crap about the Tea Party. Just because it says in the Word of Wisdom that we are not supposed to drink tea. Although there is nothing wrong with mild ales made from grains, not to mention mild table wines; but not to excess of course. ~ ~ SPORTS NOTES: Seattle plays Phoenix next Sunday, not this Sunday. Contrary to what was said in the sports network talk show after last week's New England victory over San Diego.

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