Thursday, December 11, 2014


Yours truly shows today's Jerry [Seinfeld] the blood line on his crucified hand at the beginning of THE KING OF COMEDY prophecy, saying, "...I did put myself on the line for you." ~ ~ So naturally, shortly later in the movie, I show up at Jerry's place in the Hampton's Sag Harbor area for that big D&C 1958 vintage sports car party that still is not happening.  ~ ~ Therefore, that fancy expensive dinner with the wine off of the lees and everything has to take place at Sandra's swanky Manhattan town house at the point of a toy gun. ~ ~ The only difference being, when you're gonna love me, you're gonna like it. I never have voted for today's Reformed Jewish party that is now holding Ephraimite America hostage in my entire life. ~ ~ Some things never change. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ ACCIDENTAL NOTES: The latest accident confirmation of the accident in THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW involved Megan Fox and Brian Green, per my hot dog figure in the movie who wears a STARBUCKS green Batista apron with UFO triangle icon. ~ ~ WONDERFUL NOTES: The "wonderful" introductory words at the end of THE KING OF COMEDY are about the future signs and wonders contained in my manila envelops in the movie, circa 1994-1998. Like when one of my four teenager wives ends her fantasy lover telephone call with Greg in the 1980 FOXES prophecy. Or like when I'm seemingly waiting in the futuristic looking lobby forever at Jerry's Manhattan offices; passing the time away by looking up to the heavens and seeing the patterns. ~ ~ PARK CITY, UTAH NOTES: Looks like this winter's SUNDANCE FILM FESTIVAL is going to make up for last year's no-show film festival. Wherein I didn't even get a hand job, much less a blow job, like at:

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