Sunday, December 28, 2014


The last wonderful episode no.22 of SEINFELD 8 was entitled THE SUMER OF GEORGE. Wherein Jerry is dating a hot Gisele Bundchen type whose big mouth is reminiscent of Larry David's former feminist-in-control HBO wife in real life. ~ ~ Therefore in the end, she too has to go to some kind of painful physical transfiguration theorpy sessions like George. [Bush Sr./Jr.]  ~ ~ In other words, if all of you neo con half Jews out there think that you can continue to scam us white guys about Jesus being a nothing but a negro; well I guess we're just gonna have to do something about that now, aren't we. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ CRAZY 8 NOTES: When we are first introduced to Larry David's wife in the last episode of SEINFELD 1997, a window sign in the background suggests that she is completely as nuts as Gisele Bundchen. Hence, George accepts an invite to play UFO flying saucer golf in the back 9 right after Jerry cracks some joke about those peanut eating monkeys who just died in that third woe omen in the Java Sea in REV.13:1. On the ten virgins' George Bush Sr.  anniversary of that 9.0 in Thigh Land. Where one like Bill Murray can still fuck a couple of hot 15 year-olds at the same time for just 50 bucks. And that's a good thing, relatively speaking.

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