Tuesday, December 9, 2014


THE MONKEES was a prophecy about the time when a non US citizen, born in Africa, named Barack Obama, would be sitting on a genealogy tree branch in the White House seat of power. ~ ~ Or as it says in 2 NEPHI 8, "Thy sons have fainted save these two." ~ ~ Even the same two who nobody in Utah high society dare mention, including those liberal east coast pricks who are still running SUNDANCE. ~ ~ Ergo, my backstabbing sidekick monkey in the 91 KING RALPH prophecy is about today's Jew who created Obamacare; and the half Jew negro who is throwing the CIA under the bus today. ~ ~ And the true reports about ISIS having smuggled a dirty bomb into the EU today. ~ ~ As confirmed by those two giant  HARLEM GLOBE TROTTER niggers wearing "I CAN'T BREATH" Ts. ~ ~ Which describe what happens when some indoor sports arena crowd gets attacted by Islamic radical terrorists using a chemical bomb.  ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ BACKGROUND LINKS:
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Monkees "Very few people know anything about history." Clyde Lewis. ~ ~ PS CLYDE: After I pay off all of your bills, times three, you are going to start saying what I want you to say on the radio. ~ ~ PERSONAL NOTE: The very night after that 4.7 struck near Montezuma Lake, Arizona, I got the worse case of the trotts in years; starting exactly at 12:28 am, and ending exactly at 2:21 am. ~ ~ GREAT BALLS OF FIRE NOTES: That is Miley Sire Us who gets her Pentacostal shaker freak on when The Killer starts singing that "nigger music" song called WHOLE LOT OF SHAKING... I may talk a lot of shit about niggers, queers, and Jews; but if it weren't for those guys, I would never have had a shot at fucking Miley, much less Chloe Moretz, at:
http://www.justjaredjr.com/photo-gallery/751842/chloe-moretz-book-signing-with-food-poisoning-01/fullsize/ ~ ~ BIBLE STUDY NOTES: The daughters of Israel are supposed to get married sometime between puberty and ten years after. Otherwise, they should look for a loving and sexually satisfying concubine situation until the time comes when God can reveal to them who their real husband is. Take for example Gisele Bundchen, Naomi Watts, Megan Fox, and or Jennifer Garner, just to name a few.

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