Thursday, December 25, 2014


Maybe Michael Medved can help me out on this one. ~ ~ In SEINFELD's 14th episode in season 8, Jerry dates a look alike Smiley Cyrus at some fancy mid level high society restaurant where Obama's Eric Holder enforcer rolls out a surprise arsonist's match on top of her T.G.I.F. birthday cake. ~ ~ Talk about Woody Allen owing me some serious cake, going back to at least 1996. ~ ~ Not to mention Oliver Stone et al. ~ ~ Per that SEINFELD episode where Clyde Lewis promises to pay me what he owes me on Friday. ~ ~ And then I break both of his thumbs and dump him into the trunk because that's not good enough. ~ ~ Because in the last days you're gonna love me, " ...happy together, unhappy together..." Lesbian, Jew, negro, somewhere in between, makes no difference to me. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~  ~ NO.14 NOTES: Many of Miley Sire Us' official numbers is 104, which is the same thing as the number 1...4. Given the number zero is a wild card joker number that can mean anything, and or stand for nothing, in the proper context. When the time is right, yada yada. ~ ~ For example, THE FATIGUES episode opens with Jerry having a dinner date with Sienna Miller, at:
~ ~ Which is the 1996 M.A.S.H. potatoes episode about how the food and fare of Babylon gives birth to so many of today's crazy homeless vets living on the streets of Seattle and San Francisco. ~ ~ P.S. MILEY: All of those petty minded gossip reports about the east coast Kennedys not liking you could be inspired of God on some level. You can tell a lot about someone by who their enemies are. ~ ~ LOST TRIBES OF ISRAEL NOTES: The entire cast of SEINFELD is Jewish. Most of whom are role playing Italian style gentiles who are hiding in plain sight. "Whenever I have a choice to eat out at an Italian restaurant or a Chinese restaurant, I usually choose Italian." [Paraphrasing Seinfeld] ~ ~ P.S. LARRY DAVID: What say you and I get together and make the kind if indie fuck films that both of us have always wanted to make. Talk about having fuck you money, and the talent to boot. ~ ~ Why waste our precious time left by waiting around on the set for Michael Savage or Mel Gibson to come up with the check? When I already have those two teen hotties who live up the street from David Lynch. ~ ~ Forget about that sexy Jewish feminist cunt that you were married to for all of those years on HBO. A little fresh meat never hurt anybody. Especially in these desolate day 1290 times of famine and winter, according to what it says at D&C 89. ~ ~ WHATEVER IT TAKES, yada yada. ~ ~ PS VV: If you are still looking for a little long odds sweet&hot Chinatown action on the side, forget about Jerry Seinfeld, Larry David and Michael Savage et al. Besides, you are like at least 30 years younger than those guys.

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