Friday, December 26, 2014


That raging fire on T.G.I.F. morning at the J.J. MOTEL in old 1970s Los Angeles was a Divine reference to LAUREL CANYON's Jewish lesbian movie about hot younger 29ish British rockers and their 40 something girlfriend swingers in 2014. ~ ~ For example, last night  I had an unusually lucid dream about two underaged teen hotties sneaking into David Lynch's bed in the dead of night. ~ ~ Yada yada, tell me about it. Things just seem to be getting weirder and weirder. ~ ~ Or not. ~ ~ Per that 8th season SEINFELD episode where yours truly is possessed by the 70s stylings song DESPARADO. ~  ~ Per my look atype cult leader of the yellow SUNSHINE CARPET CLEANING religious cult of the GSR/TWN manila envelopes featured in THE KING OF COMEDY, circa 1983. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ BACKGROUND NOTES: See: ~ ~ LONG RUN NOTES: Read about today's ongoing background distractions in the group's song by the same name. ~
~ Which is why so many of today's middle aged Jewish man-love men are still so immature and emotionally love-starved, like at: ~ ~ AND: ~ ~ NEGRO NOTES: The reason why so many white men were so angry back when in Selma, Alabama is because they all knew that it was all a pack of lies. Just like they all know that Barack Obama's birth certificate is an obvious fake, and it has been confirmed that my nigger is using a stolen Social Security number. ~ ~ And the main reason why more people don't know about all of this shit is because the Jews control the media, not to mention the international banks based in London and Switzerland. ~ ~ And that's the way I like it. ~ ~ SONG LYRICS LINK: ~ ~ BIBLE STUDY NOTES: The eagle in REV.12 means that the two witnesses of Sodom and Memphis, Tenn. Egypt appear in the new Jerusalem of the BOOK OF MORMON; and not the old school Jerusalem of the apostate Christian Bible of the church of Rome featured in my own private prophecy missionary film that was made by Federico Fellini, circa 1972. ~ ~ JEW NOTES: Have I ever mentioned that Dr. MLK's graduate thesis was also widely known to be a plagiarized forgery? Who none of today's stuck-up neo con Jews on talk radio dare talk about. ~ ~ GRAND CANYON NOTES: California's born and raised Tom Brady looks like the med student from Mass for a reason, like at: ~ ~ Note the medicinal biblical aloe vera plant from Arizona in the enclosed image.

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