Saturday, December 27, 2014


JT's sexy back hit was a short run prophecy about the white NYPD men turning their backs on Barack Obama and all of his gayish stuck up Jew friends and cohorts at the NYT and NBC, etc. etc. Read the lyrics and pray for mercy, at: ~ ~ When it comes to fucking around I don't fuck around. ~ ~ Picture this; Jodie Foster still likes to fuck Mel Gibson every once in awhile on the side.  ~ ~ Not that there's anything wrong with that. ~ ~ Hey, if it feels good, do it. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS SIENNA: If you and I ever showed up uninvited at David Lynch's place in the LA canyons, with suitcases in hand, the 666 Devil's feature film home video taping would probably start happing in the next few days. Think LOST HIGHWAY: II meets BLUE VELVET: II. ~  ~ Let the fireworks begin. Per that 8th season SEINFELD episode wherein you admit to me that you need someone older than you who can give you some [movie career] direction, in the long run. ~ ~ Don't worry your little heart out darling. Whatever those Jew fucks under payed you for your last major motion picture Hollywood movie, my guys make that much money in one day.

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