Wednesday, December 3, 2014


Ralph Jones becomes a believer in KING RALPH right after he hands his look atype overweight Brit a "...death dealer..." hot dog dressed with illegal alien Mexican hot peppers on it. And then he is presented with the DAN.9 prince's SUPER BOWL ring. Since the movie's [double jackpots] scenario was also introduced with the same two distant car honks of Judah and Ephraim. ~ ~ Per the three woes countdown to the photo snap of the royal family who ended up looking much like the punk rockers standing in front of RUMBELOWS' TV shop. For that rumbling below earthquake in Arizona, etc. Where the Mormon Lake church has just dedicated their 144th Buddhist temple in Phoenix. Which stands for the born again bird that suddenly rises up from the ashes in REV.13. ~ ~ Note the punk couple in KING RALPH are played by the same couple standing behind the King and Queen when they get electrocuted to death. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ THREE WOES NOTES: Jodie Foster bangs her palm down on the checkout counter three times when she tells Greg to put the goodies in the goodies bag in FOXES. ~ ~ BIRTHER NOTES: The above 2BC 91 prophecy begins with a host of scholars combing through the old archived birth certificate records of the Kingdom of England. Which of course would include the old birth certificate records from British Kenya, where my sidekick monkey was born. ~ ~ TOSSER NOTES: We see the number of my no.44 sidekick on the TV screens in the window when that punker with the GSR mark on his forehead asks, "Who gives a toss...?" [About Obama's fake birth certificate and stolen SS number.] ~ ~ Remember, KING RELF was made and released around 24 years ago. ~ ~ WEDDING NOTES: That little church wedding at the end of FOXES is the same wedding at the beginning of THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW. ~ ~ When I make my CITIZEN KANE meets IT'S ALL TRUE remake, starring me, because I'm paying for it all now anyway, cash up front; I'll make the wedding chapel chambers look like the inside of a Mormon temple.

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