Monday, December 1, 2014


In the 1980 FOXES prophecy, I tell Jodie Foster that my two dynamite seats for the dynamite HEAVY WATERS band opening act are what it is going to take to cure her of her current sodom and Egypt attitude problemo. Heavy water being an atomic bomb making reference to the first Nazi beast; hence the movie's byline, "The city had it coming." ~ ~ When the former white beast would become the cool new black beast; circa 2014 ~ ~ Since the day 1290 abomination of desolation said on the day 1335 anniversary that there need to be new memorials in today's gangsta high schools for that nigger who got shot 12 times by a representative of the 12 tribes of Israel. ~ ~ Think 1975 has become 2015, but in reverse.  Per that iconic 1990s SEIGNFELD episode where everthing is upside down and backwards, like in some old 19666s comic book.  ~ ~ GREG ~ ~ CRASH MOVIE NOTES: Beckham and the boys just got in a car crash. So did Brad Pitt's so called "wife". Not to mention Rod Stewart. Guess who is next. ~ ~ CRAZY KING RALPH NOTES: Katy Perry's x-husband  Russell Brand tries to manhandle me in Miranda Kurr's backstage dressing room. But one of my conservative Eric Jaderholm look alike excop guys immediately takes him down; at around 22:23 on my DVD. Remember, the KING RALPH prophecy that came out in 91 takes place during football season. ~ ~ And so does the original BRIDGET JONES' DIARY for that matter. ~ ~ RUSH NOTES: Rush Limbaugh made a big deal about his movie theatre style popcorn machine at the same time that there was a 1260 days period explosion about all of those Divinely inspired Hollywood movies about the two witnesses in REV. 11,12,13, etc. Not to mention 2 NEPHI 8.

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