Saturday, January 10, 2015


Beaumont means beautiful mountain in Americano. For the beautiful views of 144 Mount Rainier in Bonnie Lake, Washington. ~ ~ Hence that depiction of the same mountain at the police station scenario where my square protagonist starts investigating the mystery of Ellen Page and Ashley Green being conceived and born on the same day in 1986/1987. ~ ~ The born again and raised up Catholic David Lynch is an ardent pro-lifer of course, yada yada.  ~ ~ Ironically, you can not make an avantgarde film like ERASER HEAD if you are not pro lifer; French Catholic style, at least in spirit. ~ ~  Like in LAST TANGO IN PARIS: II, the French don't give a shit if you are a middleaged man fucking two hot teenagers at a time next door. Just keep the noises down, like at: ~ ~ GSR/
TWN ~ ~ FOUR FINGER FISTING NOTES: Those four niggers got shot in the Bay Area for Jeffrey holding up his four square fingers for those two blind gentiles at BEAUMONT'S hardware store for white hardasses like me who don't take no crap from noboby; especially the mainstream Jewish media. ~ ~ MAINSTREAM TALK RADIO: Clyde Lewis is the epitomy of today's Jewish voters. Most of whom see themselves as independent pragmatic thinkers. ~ ~ For example, both Hitler and Mussolini looked at themselves in the mirror as the new modern pragmatic third way reformers of Jewish Marxism. Just like today's strange new Pope from Evitaville sees himself in the mirror as the new and improved version of Mormonism. ~ ~ Think Kenny Kemp meets Michael Medved meets President Monson, meets President Obama, meets Bruce Troxell, and you finally start to get the picture. ~ ~ BLUE VELVET NOTES: Yours truly beats the brains out of that clean looking simpleton christian square with my email love letters because his kind still have shit for brains, circa 2015.

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