Monday, January 12, 2015


My four square protagonist in BLUE VELVET 1986 is a lost tribes of Israel descendant of those pioneers from Scotland who settled along Hwy.410 and established some of the finest fruit orchards in the world. Hence, that deaf EDWARD SISSOR HANDS ear in the movie was found in the tall grass behind his neighborhood in the "Vista" area. For Bonnie Lake's MOUNTAIN VISTA neighborhood located along Evergreen Drive; off of Mt Rainier's Hwy.410. ~ ~ Speaking of the inspiration from God behind David Lynch's special 1260 days TWIN PEAKS era, see these two angels at some gold standard event over the weekend, at: ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ SECRET NOTES: A negro cleaning janitor walks by when Sandy and Jeffrey get out of the car in BLUE VELVET with his bug sprayer and her stack of AWAKE magazines. Because in the BOOK OF MORMON it explains that the folks who have been cursed with a dark skin were meant to clean up the white House of Israel. Whenever they start to backslide and make excuses; just like Clyde Lewis and the leadership of the Mormon church are now doing. Not to mention the Pope in Rome. All of whom now believe again that reformed Jewish Marxism is the pragmatic third way to help out the poor and the needy. ~ ~ "You must all be equal with each other." [Adolf Hitler] ~ ~ LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE NOTES: This prophetic movie made in 2005 was about the sweet little smiling DISNEY child star who would shock us in the end with her strip tease act. As confirmed by her jet pilot bomber brother who wears a freakish looking Barack Obama T throughout the entire film. Which features my sidekick's STARBUCKS logo smack dab on his forehead. That represents today's color blind lost tribes of Israel idiots and morons.

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