Friday, January 16, 2015


Those two improbable witnesses conquered THE SUN ALSO RISES 'Dawn Wall' of the legendary MISSION IMPOSSIBLE stonewall in California that represents today's almost unbelievable stonewalling by the half Jew media regarding Barack Obama's fake birth certificate and stolen SS NUMBER. ~ ~ White Wolf Peak is above El Capitan, which towers over Oak Flat's reference to my visionary dream about an H-bomb exploding in Oakland, and so on... Hope I'm not boring. ~ ~ Any who, Teri Rutherford was/is a 29ish physically transfigured look alike of Andie MacDowell's 29ish character in FOUR WEDDINGS AND A FUNERAL. Hence, Rutherford County is next to McDowell county in North Carolina. As just confirmed by John Kerry asking North Carolina's James Taylor to sing YOU GOT A FRIEND to my friends in Paris. ~ ~ Believe it or not, LAST TANGO IN PARIS [The full length director's cut.] was not just about sex. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ FUCK BUDDY NOTES: Two nights ago I dreamed that the royal scotish princess Kristen Stewart was sitting on my lap on a white sofa as we watched some movie on a large flat screen TV. And then the next day I saw this little Sterling David Allan look alike diddy at: ~ ~ DOWN LOW NOTES: All those historic stonewaller pix were meant to come out in the liberal Jewish mainstream media newspapers on MLK Jr.'s January 15 arsonist birthday cake date for a reason. ~ ~ NEW READER NOTES: Whenever you read something on my GSR/TWN blog, you should probably double-click check it out on your RAND McNALLY road map of Judah and Ephraim. For example, Thorntonville, Texas is located just down the freeway where that deadly ten virgins white ass 666 bus crashed right after Billy Bob Thornton made fun of me. ~ ~ Calm down. ~ ~ Billy Bob almost always plays me in his Texas hold'em style King of the Cowboys movies. Much like Hugh Grant almost always plays my over-the-top indiscrete future King of England figure in most of his NOTTING HILL type movies. ~ ~ CAPTAIN RON NOTES: The prophetic elements in this Martin Short movie relate directly to the time when Obama would be normalizing sexual relations with red Cuba. Where no one really cares if the Hemingway type macho men pirates are fucking hot 15 year-old school bus girls onboard their classic restored 1960s era wood sailboats.

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