Thursday, January 8, 2015


The Jewish Barbara Boxer is now calling it quits in confirmation of my Oakland, California PREPARATION H-bomb dream that was posted here in the same 24 hours news cycle. ~ ~ Per the half Jew day 1290 abomination located on the 7th floor at Lincoln in the 1986 BLUE VELVET PROPHECY. Wherein yours truly can't even stand to look at her in the face anymore. ~ ~ FUCK ME JESUS. ~ ~ I'm starting to really feel it now. ~ ~ You think that sounds crazy? ~ ~ How about I lose a few pounds, cut my dark brown die-job hair really short, and go on one of those retired physically transfigured well-dressed-man missionary callings again in Rome, circa 2015. ~ ~ Don't laugh, it already looks like Angelina Jolie has beat me to the punch on this one. ~ ~Oh well,  "I can't do everything." says Jake in CHINATOWN meets THE POPE OF GREENWICH VILLAGE. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ SNIPING NOTES: Reportedly, AMERICAN SNIPER will go wide on this upcoming MLK weekend; after first opening on Christmas Day in LA and NYC. In confirmation of the Lincoln assassination actor figure named Booth in BLUE VELVET. ~ ~ FILM FESTIVAL SCREENING NOTES: True or false, they are reporting that my wife Jennifer Aniston will be receiving an award for CAKE in Santa Barbara. In confirmation of the arsonist's cake that she gets from Eric Holder in the Miley Cyrus look alike episode in SEINFELD 8 meets the 8th season of FRIENDS. ~ ~ VARIOUS RANDOM MIDNIGHT MOVIE NOTES: This past week, I got a little too bored with myself and I couldn't sleep; so I watched MISSION IMPOSSIBLE: III. Wherein the shortish Jews behind the making of the shortish Tom Cruise movie kill off my future  hot young, rather tall protege wife, Cara Delevigne; metaphorically speaking. By casting me in the role played by that late great Kenny Keisler look alike actor Philip Seymour Hoffman. Who recently died from a too juicy heroin overdose of Dr. Love's feel good medication. ~ ~  Who was also an amazing spiritual dead ringer look alike for my long lost friend Kit Winn. ~ ~ 1986 NOTES: Check out these new images of Cara Delevigne posing with that deaf 666 ear in the tall grass in BLUE VELVET, at: ~ ~ Hey Dave, you cast Cara in your next independent low budget feature film, and I promise you that she will at least suck your cock; if not go all the way. ~ ~ Get real dude. ~ ~ The hottest model in the entire world is now seriously considering movie offers by some of the most respected directors out there right now. ~ ~ Which means that she would probably pay you at least union scale minimum to be in your next film. ~ ~ What? You and the boys can't even cough up a big one or two right now? Even if it would guarantee your big return to the big screen in Hanna Montana's Big Sky Country?

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