Wednesday, January 28, 2015


The first Austin Powers movie about my secret agent sidekick on the down low in the White House ends with today's white Mini Me midgets who are so overcome by their chocolate politics that even some nigger bitch like Mrs.Lynch doesn't raise any red flags for them; like at: ~ ~ Don't worry your little hearts my darlings. You will still get your $4,000,000 in gold bullion child support money; once we get rid of the new 666 beast that has taken over America. ~ ~ I just have to make sure that you can't come back on me and ask for more if you piss it all away. ~ ~ Which you could still do as long as states like Utah and Texas are still apart of the pre REV.16 50 states union of Sodom and Egypt. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ OCTOPUSSYGALORE NOTES: Miley's latest free-the-nipple pix from Hawaii came out on the very same day that I watched that 3rd nipple assassin 007 movie that takes place on a secret paradise island beach in Red China. ~ ~ It rained cats and dogs when Obama visited India. ~ ~

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