Friday, January 2, 2015


Jake's office number in CHINATOWN 1974 is the same as Angelina Jolie's 604 birth date number for a prophetic reason. ~ ~ Which is starting to feel rather good on the whole by now. Given Brad Pitt is also starting to look more interesting the older he gets. ~ ~ Actually, I could now see him playing J.J. 'Jake' in CHINATOWN: II, the remake sequel/prequel. ~ ~ Call me a duplicitous kiss ass half Jew, whatever, I do think that my instincts are right on this one. They don't call Pitt's Hollywood movie company PLAN B PRODUCTIONS for nothing. ~ ~ For example, Mario Cuomo died at 82 for all those rich old 666 FDR fucks in the obituary column who are keeping their mouths shut in CHINATOWN, 2015. ~ ~ And then Harry Reid gets his face smashed in for that same fucker who tried to stop Jake from revealing the truth about Barack Obama's stolen Social Security number and name. ~ ~ Hence, the film opens with a huge portrait of FDR that represents all of those huge portraits of Mao and Fidel hanging over everyones' heads in places like China and Cuba. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ BIBLE STUDY NOTES: There is only one God. And he is not that fishy smelling 666 god head on a dirty plate that apostate Christians like Clyde Lewis and Jesse Ventura worship; not to mention Ross Perot. ~ ~ "Time to wake up pretty girl."  [MULHOLLAND DRIVE] ~ ~ And stop complaining about the men in your life acting like real men. ~ ~ And that goes for you too Miranda Kerr. ~ ~ DADDY KNOWS BEST NOTES: I get to fuck two pairs of virgin teenagers in my debut CAPTAIN RON movie because... Yada yada.

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