Sunday, January 25, 2015


Last night I dreamed that Kyle McLaughlin proudly showed me his own private special edition HERSHEYS' bible with dark chocolate leather binding and lighter skinned milk chocolate paper leaf edging. ~ ~ For a Divine confirmation of his forerunner role in BLUE VELVET meets TWIN PEAKS. ~ ~ See the movie score dream lyrics meaning at:
~ ~ Note the fact that that is actually a contemporary RLDS missionary portrait of me in the above sureal TWILIGHT ZONE link. If I were to die my hair, shave my face, and put on my black rim LIZ CLAYBORN glasses; which I still have waiting on the ready in my dresser drawer. ~ ~ Because JUST FOR MEN etc. usualy doubles the thickness and the height of a full head of hair like few men have left in their 60s; such as David Lynch and I. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ MICHAEL SAVAGE NOTES: There was a powerful strong 7.0 on Friday at 5:31 near the Prince George virgin-sex cult islands in the South Pacific. ~ ~ Get real dude. Why fuck some old ugly short fat Jewess bitch feminist when you could be fucking two teenager hotties with small underaged titties on some paradise island? Like at: ~ ~ SOLID GOLD PENIS RECORD NOTES: The 007 paradise island movie entitled THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN GUN came out in the same year when I married Laurence Pierson in 1974. And then I gave her those two priceless blond cotton top boys who have become the love of her life. For when the time would come that my royal Branch Davidian line of Jesus would be restored as the King Of France. ~ ~ Believe it or not, the typical French cunt is still bitching that I didn't give her enough money. ~ ~ NOTE TO THE WISE: If I give you two beautiful boys in the future, which would entail $4,000,000 in cash up front, spend it wisely. Because that is all that you are going to get from me. Period. End of story.  ~ ~ I AM is not some kind of a Tom Cruise 666 sucker who you can milk for 500k a year for the next 20 years in tax free cash money.
"He that leadeth into [Hillary Clinton] captivity shall go into captivity;" [REV.13:10]  ~ ~ Think Mel Gibson gets to pay that Russian whore 20k a month for the next 20 years because he thought that I AM was just some kind of a pop culture joke who was trying to welch on his child support payments. ~ ~ But it gets worse. Now Mel owes me 10% of everything that he has. ~ ~ "You're lucky you're not dead!" Frank Relf in BLUE VELVET meets Greg in GET THE GRINGO. ~ ~ How the hell else am I going to meet my future child support payments? ~ ~ We're talking at least 18 new babies here, at a minimum. ~ ~ DOJ NOTES: The unconstitutional outlaw DOJ in DC will have no legal jurisdiction in the wild wild west after the holy city breaks up into three independent maverick sovereign states in REV.16.

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