Thursday, January 29, 2015


Someone just died on the Chinatown set of Scorsese's upcoming movie entitled SILENCE, at; ~ ~ In confirmation of the time line in THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN GUN that starts out with a Chicago mob figure arriving where we see that whitish mullato African mask in the opening sequence. ~ ~ Who represents today's crazy alternative energy man from Hawaii's paradise islands, at: ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ STORY BACKGROUND NOTES: Mel Gibson was one of the first in line to buy a SMART CAR. In fulfilment of the Mr. Gibson character in THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN GUN. Who gets shot in the GSR/TWN forehead like all the others do in the movie. Which gets going in Lebanon for this week's rocket attack from Lebanon at the end of DANIEL'S 69/70 weeks chronology. ~ ~ JACKIE BROWN goes down in a California mall full of Korean and Chinese shoppers that has the main SAILOR DOG anchor on display at: Hence those REV.13:1 beach towels with a ship anchor design. Yada yada. ~ ~ SUPERBOWL 49 NOTES: My 1974ish wife with a charming accent, Gisele Bundchen, tells me that, "I've dreamed about you setting me free..." In the three-way hotel room [no.602] scene with Sienna Miller hiding in the closet. Remember, the number 602 is always a prophetic reference to Jennifer Aniston's hit comedy THE BREAKUP. And those slangy eyed kids who are sucking up soft white flour noodles bowls in the above Chinatown movie is another reason why Jen doesn't want to risk having a retarded odd looking midget baby right now. ~ ~ My black sidekick in the JACKIE BROWN prophecy sports the pony tail of the REV.17 black gentile horse mother fucker killer in THE WHITE HORSE PROPHECY. Wherein Mitt Romney et al get their gay ass butts schooled by my plural wife marriage niggers; BOOK OF MORMON style. ~ ~ BUT IT GETS BETTER NOTES: Roger Moore just came out with a second witness autobiography book about MY OWN PRIVATE IDAHO life called ONE LUCKY BASTARD, per: ~ ~ Wherein I get to fuck both Scarlett Johansson and Penelope Cruz at the same time whenever the mood strikes me. ~ ~ P.S. GWYNETH: Don't worry your little heart out my darling. I'm going to get around to SHAKESPEAR IN LOVE pretty soon. ~ ~ Probably sooner than later. ~ ~ All is well that ends well.

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