Thursday, January 22, 2015


I knew that something big was going to happen at SUNDANCE this year, and here it is at: ~ ~ Tahiti being one of those few paradises on earth where the men are allowed to fuck more than one native lost tribes jungle woman teenager at a time. ~ ~ Don't get me wrong now. I'm not talking about 12 year-olds here; more like 15,16, even 17 year-olds. Like the kind that Michael Savage loved to fuck during his fountain-of-youth research years in the 60s and 70s. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~
HWY.101 NOTES: That 4.4 at 5:21 on 1.20 by King City, Ca was about the prophetic latter-day assassination of MLK JR. ~ ~ For example, REV.11 Jews just got stabbed in the back on a bus on a bridge in Israel that represented the historic bridge in Selma, AL. Back when the atheistic liberal Jews in Brooklyn, NY stabbed the God fearing white people in the back with their queer-as-orange unconstitutional Civil Rights Act in 1964. ~ ~ No wonder that there are now over 120,000 highly paid employees at the Orwellian DOJ. Most of whom spend most of their time analysing what is going on inside the minds of white people. And getting paid a 100k annual salary plus benifts for their time. Per the spoken word revelations at that say that the negros are now the mob enforcers of the new 666 beast. "The Marxism on the right, and the Marxism on the [Robert Redford] left, is just gang warfare." Rand. ~ ~ Not to be confused by the confused Clyde Lewises and George Clooneys of the world. Who still believe that the pinko third way is the way to go. ~ ~ UGLY FAT JEW NOTES: According to the Old Testament, the Jewish people tend to be a little taller and significantly more good looking than other people. Obviously therefore, any rather shortish ugly rich "Jew" who is arrested for stealing the hard earned taxes of the middle class are probably not full blooded Jews. ~ ~ Since most of the real pure-blooded blue-eyed people of the superior Jew race are just too smart to do stupid things like that. ~ ~ Think Gisele Bundchen on the left meets Adriana Lima on the right. ~ ~ Heck why not, what's not to like? Not to mention those two tallish hotties, Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift. ~ ~ LISTEN TO ME NOTES: If you are still not talking about Barack Obama's forged birth certificate, then you still are struggling with the same kind of little Jew boy "daddy" issues portrayed in GOLDMEMBER meets SUPERBAD.

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