Tuesday, January 6, 2015


That yellow school bus full of hot virgin 17ish babes got rammed by a train north of Kempton, North Dakota in sub zero temperatures in confirmation of Jerry Seinfeld becoming Kenny [Kemp's] mentor in SEINFELD 8. Who is in desperate need of some help with his standard Republican Party chocolate milk OVALTEEN vagina icon material. ~ ~ Dr. Kemp being my yellow coward sidekick figure in THE INVISIBLE MAN; which came out when FDR was President during the Nazi third way era. ~ ~ Yada yada, I know, I'm kind of a hot mess right now. ~ ~ So what does that make you? Who is less than I AM. ~ ~ No wonder my GSR/TWN carpet cleaning cult figure rejected George because he was too short and too fat and too stupid to even bother with. ~ ~ GR/TWN ~ ~ INTERIOR DESIGN NOTES: The furniture designer episode in SEINFELD 8 was a prophecy about Mr Furnish marrying Mr. John. Based apon the obviousness that homogaysexuality is driven by a DESPARADO style need to be loved. ~ ~ Not that there's anything wrong or kind of strange about that. ~ ~ LOST TRIBES OF ISRAEL NOTES: The brown eyed left handed Jerry Seinfeld is a descendant of Benjamin, not Judah.

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