Friday, January 23, 2015


Probably the most crazy cat lady in all of Hollywood just wore a blue velvet top with David Lynch painting skirt to some recent mountain vista logo fashion event at: ~ ~ Like they say, crazy in the head, great in bed. Which is probably why fuck buddy make up sex is always so hot. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ TALK RADIO NOTES: The symbolic number 710 appears in so many prophetic movies about loose nukes for a sports radio idolatry theme. Like in OCTOPUSSY meets BLUE VELVET; where we also see the twin birthday cake number 221 that represents Judah and Ephraim. Complete with KING RALPH type double car honks, yada yada. ~ ~ BIBLE PROPHECY NOTES: That prophetic FDR era Dr. Kemp look alike movie about THE INVISIBLE MAN was about the snowbound SUNDANCE film festival parties that take place during the winter storm months, as mentioned in MARK 13. Where yours truly is everywhere even though you can't see me.

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