Sunday, January 18, 2015


Why would Sunday's NYT put an article about Obama reducing taxes for the middle class when today's middle-class pays next to nothing in federal taxes? ~ ~ Answer. ~ ~ They also published a major splash front page image of Obama's obviously fake birth certificate without so much as one little confirmation fact check telephone call. ~ ~ Talk about the uninterested media being completely steeped in uninteresting writing. ~ ~ "Don't show me the pad! I don't want to see the fucking pad!" [LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE] ~ ~ In other words, no amount of 666 Internet subscriptions can save a dying old man's favorite newspaper. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ INTERESTING WRITING NOTES: Ellen Page is definitely interested in watching me fucking Kristen Stewart. ~ ~ SEE:  ~ ~ I AM is interested in reading anything that she is interested in reading. ~ ~ If the money is right enough to let me get into her pants of course. ~ ~ Long time TWNers know that I always like to pay my child support obligations in one big lump up front. ~ ~ For example, Steven Bing payed Elizabeth Hurley two big ones if she would not ask him for any more money in the future. ~ ~ Which sounds about right to me. ~ ~ I.e. you let me fuck you, and you get pregnant, I give you $2,000,000 in tax free cash money. And then we move on and remain friends forever. Until that is you want me to sire you another baby; on the same financial terms of course. Time changes nothing at, section 91. When yours truly would be making about the same amount of money in the time that it takes me to knock you up. ~ ~ Too bad Teri Rutherford once turned down my offer to fuck her for free at the cheap-ass $70 a night KING'S MOTEL along Hwy.410 in Enumclaw, Washington. Even though she makes three or four times that much in just one night by taking care of old people.

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