Saturday, January 17, 2015


Some burning GREAT BALLS OF FIRE truck at the north end of the Eurostar tunnel has shut everything down. In confirmation of when everything gets shut down in MULHOLLAND DR. by the film's Gordon B. Hinckley look alike midget. ~ ~ For a second witness, Michigan's iconic 'mitt' figure just got so freaked out about the spoken word revelations at that he started to blabber hysterically, like that Catholic mormon Pope in Rome, about the 666 monster helping out the poor and and and the needy. Otherwise there is no hope to be found anywhere in Chinatown, USA. ~ ~ While at the same time Clyde Lewis was doing the exact same thing on talk radio. ~ ~ Maybe Rush Limbaugh's Sunday school teacher daddy was right all along after all; about the books of REVELATION and DANIEL not belonging in the 66 book Bible that was published by the Christian pagan empor of Rome in 395 AD. ~ ~ Since there is nothing there about some phantom "Antichrist" waiting in the wings. ~ ~ That said, I am definitely the fulfilment of all of the ridiculous apostate christian Mormon theories about some evil King David ruler who takes over all of England and northern France. ~ ~ Now that's what I call interesting writing, not to mention interesting talk radio.  ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ SELMA VIEWER NOTES: Sooner or later, Ms.O is going to have to choose her poison.  Either she remains a slave of the new bipartisan 666 beast, or she becomes my own private love slave with full benefits. ~ ~ Who wants to fuck anybody who you can not even stand to have touching you? ~ ~ Been there, done that. ~ ~ BABY WANTS TO FUCK NOTES: Long time TWNers never forget that the proverbial fat lady negro singer in WILD AT HEART represents Oprah Winfrey. ~ ~ Like they say, it ain't over until the fat lady nigger sings. ~ ~ BIBLE STUDY NOTES: Most of today's childish Christians who are stonewalling the last days prophecies about the restoration of the lost ten tribes of Israel in JER:31, EZE.37/38, ISAIAH 11, REV.9, D&C 77 and GEN.49, etc. etc. are still struggling with various personal race [sexual] identity problems.

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