Sunday, January 4, 2015

OH NO !!

Lennin's Yoko Ono black widow spider icon put a full page ad in the NYT on the same day [Japanese time] that they held a funeral for that Buddhist cop who was shot in the back by some crazy jive ass Eric Holder type white nigger on the down low from Hawaii. ~ ~ For when the time would come that a former DISNEY CHANNEL star would be fucking THE SON OF TERMINATOR: II; who definitely looks like one of the Martin Van Buren Boys gang members at: ~ ~ Remember, Arnold Schwarzenegger has always been a respectful admirer of my beloved sidekick and drinking buddy Barack Obama. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ CHINATOWN NOTES: Jake mentions that all of those old FDR era widows at the MAR VISTA retirement home now own 50k acres of today's Los Angeles; for today's 50 states of America that represent the holy city in REV.16, circa 2015. ~ ~ MILEY SIRE US NOTES+  : The reason why I AM gets to make any indie film movie package deal that we want to right now, for a minimum of 100 big ones, is because basically the NYT can go to hell and die. And I AM is not metaphorically speaking now. Maybe later, but not now. ~ ~ Last night I tried to watch Mel Brooks' 2005 remake of THE PRODUCERS. But after the opening Bruce Willis look alike song and dance number, and the following scenario where the producer starts banging my beloved sainted crazy mother, a.k.a. Granny Grass, on my own downstairs sofa bed yet, I turned it off. ~ ~ "GOD DAMN FUCKING JEWS!!" [Leslie Winn, circa1968] ~ ~ See what they mean by the zero affect at: ~ ~ Because Zero was the forerunner to Nyle Smith. ~ ~ The best friend who never called me that I ever had. ~ ~ Who later jumped out of a metaphorical computer window in that earlier symbolic low budget Woody Allen movie. ~ ~ Note the above Boxing Day 10:04 time stamp.
 ~ ~ UNDERAGED TEENAGERS FUCK FILM PRODUCER NOTES: After those three A-bombs in REV.11 happen, and Brad Pitt gets to co-star in the inevitable cult film BIG LEWBOWSKI 91' sailboat sensation sequel, directed by his surreal looking wife forgery, Angelina Jolie, I then get to make any movie that I want to, and you don't. ~ ~ I'm kidding of course as usual, or not. ~ ~ Except the fact that your total completion feature film budgets are more like what my guys spend on me in one day just to keep me happy and out of their hair. ~ ~ Think about the fact that I now have at least 8 crazy hot sexy wives. And probably the only way that I AM is going to keep them all happy and in line during this brief mortality is by forking over a ton of after-tax free money to them every single month. ~ ~ Think Kate Holmes meets Mia Farrow.

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