Friday, January 9, 2015


Last night at 5:09 am, I dreamed that I ran into a good looking 29ish  Natalie Merchant at some HILTON HOTEL; who had arrived there driving in a Jerry Seinfeldish1996/1998ish SAAB. Except that it was a British model with the standard, rather strange looking, right-side steering wheel. ~ ~ Then while I tried to chat her up, some fan interrupted us and asked where she was living these days. Upon which she replied that she had a flat up in the Eiffel Tower. ~ ~ This being the dramatic ending to THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW prophecy. ~ ~ For example, those 12 hard on hearing third way French fucks were murdered by those two radical [witnesses] of the false prophet, who worship the dragon lady who rides the 666 beast in REV.16:13. ~ ~ [I noticed she had a big orangish pet bull frog sitting on her leather back seat who was not wearing his seatbelt; not to mention no baby restrainer safety seat.] ~ ~ Think that Roman policeman got his ear cut off when they arrested Jesus and then pounded hardware store nails into his palms and wrists from BEAUMONT'S and so on. ~ ~ Where we see the two Jacob's ladder pairs of Judah and Ephrain and those two galvanized wash tubs hanging on display there. ~ ~ "And I saw three unclean spirits like frogs come out of the mouth of the [devil's] dragon, and out of the mouth of the [666] beast, and out of the mouth of the [Islamic] false prophet." ~ ~ In other words, Clyde Lewis ET al are the zero effect secret combinations behind all three of these last days X FACTORS. ~ ~ Or as it clearly states in the 66-books Bible, if you ridicule the BOOK OF MORMON, you are a behind-the-scenes supporter of the invisible anti-christ who is not even mentioned in REVELATION or DANIEL. ~ ~ Come on man, the so-called 'new world order' has been a reality ever since the UN was founded again by FDR and his Jewish communist cabnet members. ~ ~ Hello!!  Truman Capote himself had a condo there. ~ ~ Relax dudes. You and I both know that the tall white granite RLDS headquarters in SLC, UT is a towering born again Christian replica of the United Nations building in Manhattan. ~ ~ BIG FUCKING DEAL!! ~ ~ What does that make you Israelite apostates who still have your christian cult movie hang ups?  ~ ~ " Big wow!" [Ornella Fresh's prophetic look alike in STAR MAPS meets LAUREL CANYON meets MULHOLLAND DR.]  ~ ~  GSR/TWN ~ ~ BLUE VELVET MOVIE NOTES: My main BYU school protagonist does the chicken walk right after he mentions that fact that all of my old chicken shit friends are now running for the tall grass. ~ ~ PS DAVID LYNCH: I know that you are pretty much bored out of your mind right now. So how about you and I do a press conference up at David Letterman's ranch in [Lewis and Clark] Montana; wherein you finally come out of the closet and declare your fellow admiration for the white race. As opposed to Clyde Lewis' talk radio bullshit about how people with dark skin are no different than people with white skin.

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